People Are Sharing Things That Are Normal In TV And Movies But NOT In Real Life

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Have you ever watched a television show or movie and thought to yourself, 'that's not normal?' Well, you're not alone, and just because something happens all the time in TV shows and movies, that doesn't mean it's something people do in any way in real life. Things like otherwise poor fictional characters living ridiculously lavish lifestyles — Yes, Monica's apartment in Friends is unrealistic!

People tend to notice this sort of thing, and when they do, they like to point it out. Occasionally, this amounts to someone sharing something that bugs them on Reddit, and other users love to pile on. These are the most unusual things that are normal in TV and movies but NOT in real life.

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    Unpopular (Yet Gorgeous) Teen Living The Hard Life Of Luxury

    Posted by u/mmmmor090909:

    An unpopular (but never actually ugly) teenager wakes up in their huge upstairs bedroom. The room probably has some kind of bay window or unique ceiling slope. In the 90s and early 2000s, they would of course have their own desktop computer. You only briefly see all of this because they are of course late for school, so they run out to their good-looking parents and siblings already eating a full sit-down breakfast, no explanation is given as to why these siblings aren’t also late for school. Anyway, the main character grabs a single slice of plain toast and skateboards to school through a quaint town square.

    Posted by u/w11f1ow3r:

    This always got me about teen movies - they always have huge gorgeous bedrooms that look like they’re out of an IKEA catalog. My room was so small growing up that it wouldn’t fit a full bed and a dresser, and my furniture was a mash-up of my childhood bedroom set and stuff we weren’t using around the house anymore lmao.

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    Hacking Is As Easy As Typing Random Crap For One Attempt At A Password

    Posted by u/Basic-Cat:

    "klsdkfjasfkl josadjf nasasofd %jsadfaoisfd " -- SYSTEM HACKED.

    Posted by u/pinkpanzer101:

    The faster you mash keys the faster it hacks, everyone knows that.

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    Women In The Jungle Never Regrow Leg Hair

    Posted by u/Dream_babe:

    Women can be in the jungle for weeks, and they don't have hair growing anywhere. Men immediately begin to grow a beard.

    Posted by u/Backgrounding-Cat:

    Also, her makeup stays perfect all the time.

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    Everyone's Groceries Are The Same No Matter The Movie Or TV Show

    Posted by u/ArachnidBeneficial61:

    Everyone has 1 paper bag for groceries. And it has a celery stalk and loaf of french bread sticking out the top.

    Posted by u/tallbutshy:

    And some round fruits just under the top so they call roll about when something goes wrong

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    Making Plans Without Actually Planning Anything

    Posted by u/bees_knees5628:

    On the phone making plans: “ok, meet me at 5?” “sure.” And that’s the whole plan. Where are you meeting? Planning to meet someone in a public place never goes this smoothly

    Posted by u/ehnej:

    Or just “dinner tonight?” and not even specifying the time. “See you somewhere at some time, bye!”

    Posted by u/Mangobunny98:

    Yeah or setting up a date with someone you just met like "it's a date" and then they leave. No number or address exchanged, no talk about where you're meeting and when.

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    Starving Artists Aren't Really A Thing In Movies & TV Shows

    Posted by u/SDFDuck:

    Being a young, aspiring artist/writer/actor living alone in a nice, spacious apartment in a prime area of a big city like New York or LA.

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