Not-So-Fun Facts That Have Us Not Feeling So Great

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The world is a wonderful place. We have babies and puppies and butterflies. It can also be a mysterious place, full of scientific conundrums and oddities. And sometimes, it's just downright upsetting. While we may try to ignore the unhappy aspects, we live in the era of the internet, and ignorant bliss is much harder to achieve.

There are many fun facts out there, but this is not where you'll find them. Don't expect to find any good ice-breakers or inspiring stories here, and certainly no kitten videos. Instead, you're about to learn how disgusting the human body is, that cruise ships are very prepared for you to die onboard, and that the world we live in is more dangerous than we ever realized. 

The old adage is true: you learn something new every day. Except today, you might wish that you hadn't.

  • The US Has Six Missing Nuclear Missiles
    Photo: US Government DOD / DOE / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    The US Has Six Missing Nuclear Missiles

    "Broken Arrow" is a term that refers to accidents with nuclear missiles. This could include accidental detonation, theft, or simply misplacing the terribly deadly nuclear warhead. Since Fat Man and Little Boy were developed in World War II, 32 "Broken Arrow" incidents have occurred. Many took place in or over the ocean, and some around military bases; often they were a result of unrelated engine trouble with the aircraft transporting the weapons. 

    However, there are still six nuclear weapons completely unaccounted for. It's now been 71 years since the oldest one was listed as missing - a bomb was dropped somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in 1950, yet never detonated when the flight crew dropped it. In 1956, two nuclear cores went missing when the aircraft transporting them failed to show up at its rendezvous point. Another bomb was dropped over the Savannah River in Georgia; one was lost near Goldboro, NC; and two more disappeared in the ocean.

    These six missing American nuclear weapons are nothing compared with the hundreds of former Soviet Union nuclear weapons that are still unaccounted for today, some of which were actually stolen. 

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  • The TSA Has A 95% Failure Rate Finding Weapons
    Photo: Michael Ball / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    The TSA Has A 95% Failure Rate Finding Weapons

    The TSA, or Transportation Security Agency, formed in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The agency's purpose was, and continues to be, to "[p]rotect the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce." 

    To execute this mission, TSA has implemented strict guidelines and requirements in airports across the US over the last 20 years. Fortunately, the agency has been very successful at identifying and confiscating oversized bottles of shampoo and unnecessary amounts of toothpaste. In the area of actually identifying weapons, though, TSA fell a little short. In fact, the agency fell a lot short.

    When undercover agents attempted to smuggle weapons in their luggage, TSA agents failed to identify and secure these weapons 95% of the time. 

    That's right - those folks who harass you for the forgotten granola bar at the bottom of your backpack are the same ones who seemingly don't know what real contraband looks like. These weapons included fake bombs and guns, and were hidden in super-secret places, like being taped to the back of one undercover agent. While the 95% failure rate was shockingly high, it's unfortunately par for the course for the TSA, which has continually failed to detect weapons in undercover investigations. 

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    Chain Saws Were Originally Invented To Assist With Childbirth

    Chainsaws were originally invented to cut through not wood or shrubs, but human bone. Before birth by C-section was an option, doctors and midwives had very few options if a baby got stuck during labor. To remedy this, they might cut open the mother's pelvis with a sharp knife, but that often took too much time. So in 1780, a pair of Scottish doctors invented a specialized saw to assist with what is referred to as a symphysiotomy.

    Fortunately, the 18th-century chain saw was not the gas-powered monster we see today, but was operated by a hand crank and was about 12 inches in length. 

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  • Nearly 40% Of Murders In The US Go Unsolved
    Photo: US Army / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    Nearly 40% Of Murders In The US Go Unsolved

    If you watch enough true crime shows or listen to enough podcasts, you'd think murderers were just about always caught. It might take a while, and it might not be who you thought it was, but they're going to be caught. 

    Well, not so much. According to FBI data, it turns out that almost 40% of murders in the US are never solved. Of course, this raises many issues. There are concerns that perpetrators may then go on to commit subsequent murders, or varying other crimes, which would have been prevented if they were apprehended. It also seems to give courage to law-breakers, as their odds of not getting caught are fairly good. 

    This data has stayed about the same. In fact, the average clearance (solving of the case) of homicides in the US has hovered around 60% since 1965, with the other 40% going unsolved and becoming cold cases. It's estimated that the country currently has more than 250,000 cold cases, and many in law enforcement see this as a crisis situation.

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    The Child Actor Who Voiced Ducky In 'The Land Before Time' Was Murdered By Her Father

    For those who grew up in the 1990s, The Land Before Time was a staple of childhood, with Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Cera all struggling to make it as adorable baby dinosaurs in a dangerous prehistoric world. 

    It's tragic to know the movie that brought so much joy to countless children had a dark history. Judith Barsi was born in 1978, and became a child actor and voice-over talent by the time she was in grade school. It was her work and steady income that helped her immigrant parents, both from Hungary, live the American dream. Some of her last roles were voicing Ducky, the lovable Saurolophus in The Land Before Time, and Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven.

    Her father, József "Joe" Barsi, was known to have a temper and an alcohol abuse problem. In the years prior to Judith's death, he repeatedly made threats about killing his wife Maria, their daughter, and himself. One night, the words became more than just threats. Seemingly overwhelmed by his anger toward his wife, who was allegedly preparing to leave him for her and their daughter's safety, Joe pulled a gun on Judith, Maria, and finally himself. 

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    Mongols Launched Plague-Infected Bodies To Attack Cities

    Biological warfare is unpleasant business, and it's likely been around for centuries. Although they weren't the first to utilize the bodies of dead enemies, the Mongols did take advantage of the practice in the 14th century.

    Using their advanced technology, the Mongols launched bodies of those known to have been infected with plague bacteria (Yersinia pestis) into cities under siege. Some scientists and historians even believe that the use of this biological warfare during the siege of Caffa (in modern-day Ukraine) is what brought the deadly bubonic plague to Europe. 

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