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Quotations The Best Quotes About Democracy  

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No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent. Abraham Lincoln

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Democracy give every man the right to be his own oppressor. James Russell Lowell

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The majority is never right. Never, I tell you! That's one of these lies in society that no free and intelligent man can help rebelling against. Who are the people that make up the biggest proportion of the population -- the intelligent ones or the fools? I think we can agree it's the fools, no matter where you go in this world, it's the fools that form the overwhelming majority. Henrik Ibsen

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The cure for the evils of democracy is more democracy. H. L. Mencken

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Anyone who knows history, particularly the history of Europe, will, I think, recognize that the domination of education or of government by any one particular religious faith is never a happy arrangement for the people. Eleanor Roosevelt

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Democracy means the opportunity to be everyone's slave. Karl Kraus

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When people put their ballots in the boxes, they are, by that act, inoculated against the feeling that the government is not theirs. They then accept, in some measure, that its errors are their errors, its aberrations their aberrations, that any revolt will be against them. It's a remarkably shrewd and rather conservative arrangement when one thinks of it. John Kenneth Galbraith

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It has been said that Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. Winston Churchill

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Democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame. Laurence J. Peter

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Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people. Harry Emerson Fosdick

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Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values. Barack Obama

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Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. John Adams

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Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the badly educated. G. K. Chesterton

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The ship of Democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those aboard. Grover Cleveland

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Let the people think they govern and they will be governed. William Penn

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As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Abraham Lincoln

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Nothing can be more abhorrent to democracy than to imprison a person or keep him in prison because he is unpopular. This is really the test of civilization. Winston Churchill

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Nor is the people's judgment always true: the most may err as grossly as the few. John Dryden

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Democracy is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequal alike. Plato

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I confess I enjoy democracy immensely. It is incomparably idiotic, and hence incomparably amusing. H. L. Mencken

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Two cheers for Democracy: one because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism. E. M. Forster

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Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary. Reinhold Niebuhr

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Democracy is never a thing done. Democracy is always something that a nation must be doing. What is necessary now is one thing and one thing only that democracy become again democracy in action, not democracy accomplished and piled up in goods and gold. Archibald MacLeish

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These, then, will be some of the features of democracy... it will be, in all likelihood, an agreeable, lawless, parti-colored commonwealth, dealing with all alike on a footing of equality, whether they be really equal or not. Plato

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America is the place where you cannot kill your government by killing the men who conduct it. Woodrow Wilson