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I never desired to please the rabble. What pleased them, I did not learn; and what I knew was far removed from their understanding. Epicurus

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The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but rather what he longs to attain. Khalil Gibran

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People seek within a short span of life to satisfy a thousand desires, each of which is insatiable. Oliver Goldsmith

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While man's desires and aspirations stir he cannot choose but err. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it. William James

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It is not from nature, but from education and habits, that our wants are chiefly derived. Henry Fielding

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When desire dies, fear is born. Baltasar Gracián y Morales

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A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means. William Hazlitt

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Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything. Napoleon Hill

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It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite. Søren Kierkegaard

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There are ways which lead to everything, and if we have sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. François de La Rochefoucauld

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Events are influenced by our very great desires. William James

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If you desire many things, many things will seem few. Benjamin Franklin

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First the stalk -- then the roots. First the need -- then the means to satisfy that need. First the nucleus -- then the elements needed for its growth. Robert Collier

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You gotta be hungry! Les Brown

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There is nothing capricious in nature and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the creature that feel it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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One essential to success is that your desire be an all-obsessing one, your thoughts and aim be coordinated, and your energy be concentrated and applied without letup. Claude M. Bristol

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Can anything be so elegant as to have few wants, and to serve them one's self? Ralph Waldo Emerson

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It is much easier to suppress a first desire than to satisfy those that follow. Benjamin Franklin

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One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar. Helen Keller

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Through some strange and powerful principle of mental chemistry which she has never divulged, nature wraps up in the impulse of strong desire, that something which recognizes no such word as impossible, and accepts no such reality as failure. Napoleon Hill

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The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat. Napoleon Hill

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O lyric Love, half angel and half bird. And all a wonder and a wild desire. Robert Browning

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Some people wanted champagne and caviar when they should have had beer and hot dogs. Dwight D. Eisenhower

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When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve. Napoleon Hill

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He who desires but does not act, breeds pestilence. William Blake

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The battle is all over except the shouting when one knows what is wanted and has made up his mind to get it, whatever the price may be. Napoleon Hill

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Some desire is necessary to keep life in motion, and he whose real wants are supplied must admit those of fancy. Samuel Johnson

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The desire is thy prayers; and if thy desire is without ceasing, thy prayer will also be without ceasing. The continuance of your longing is the continuance of your prayer. Augustine of Hippo

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You can have anything you want -- if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, have anything you desire, accomplish anything you set out to accomplish -- if you will hold to that desire with singleness of purpose. Robert Collier

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Life is a progress from want to want, not from enjoyment to enjoyment. Samuel Johnson

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There are confessable agonies, sufferings of which one can positively be proud. Of bereavement, of parting, of the sense of sin and the fear of death the poets have eloquently spoken. They command the world's sympathy. But there are also discreditable anguishes, no less excruciating than the others, but of which the sufferer dare not, cannot speak. The anguish of thwarted desire, for example. Aldous Huxley

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Listen to what you know instead of what you fear. Richard Bach

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We trifle when we assign limits to our desires, since nature hath set none. Christian Nevell Bovee

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Anything you really want, you can attain, if you really go after it. Wayne Dyer

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The first principle of success is desire -- knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed. Robert Collier

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Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment. Eric Butterworth

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It is said that desire is a product of the will, but the converse is in fact true: will is a product of desire. Denis Diderot

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And desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets. -- Ecclesiastes 12:5

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The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul. -- Proverbs 13:19

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Desire is the essence of a man. Baruch Spinoza

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We do not succeed in changing things according to our desire, but gradually our desire changes. Marcel Proust

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The key that unlocks energy is Desire. It's also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited. Earl Nightingale

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If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want.

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We are ever striving after what is forbidden, and coveting what is denied us. Ovid

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If men could regard the events of their own lives with more open minds, they would frequently discover that they did not really desire the things they failed to obtain. André Maurois

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Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish. Michelangelo

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Plant the seed of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment. Robert Collier

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Life contains but two tragedies. One is not to get your heart's desire; the other is to get it. Socrates

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We never desire strongly, what we desire rationally. François de La Rochefoucauld