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The serial number of a human specimen is the face, that accidental and unrepeatable combination of features. It reflects neither character nor soul, nor what we call the self. The face is only the serial number of a specimen. Milan Kundera

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The features of our face are hardly more than gestures which force of habit made permanent. Nature, like the destruction of Pompeii, like the metamorphosis of a nymph into a tree, has arrested us in an accustomed movement. Marcel Proust

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We can see nothing whatever of the soul unless it is visible in the expression of the countenance; one might call the faces at a large assembly of people a history of the human soul written in a kind of Chinese ideograms. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

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A man finds room in the few square inches of the face for the traits of all his ancestors; for the expression of all his history, and his wants. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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It has been said that a pretty face is a passport. But it's not, it's a visa, and it runs out fast. Julie Burchill

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The faces of most American women over thirty are relief maps of petulant and bewildered unhappiness.

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A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is her work of fiction. Oscar Wilde

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Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn. William Shakespeare

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Was this the face that launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ileum? Christopher Marlowe

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Tom's great yellow bronze mask all draped upon an iron framework. An inhibited, nerve-drawn; dropped face -- as if hung on a scaffold of heavy private brooding; and thought. Virginia Woolf

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This face is a dog's snout sniffing for garbage, snakes nest in that mouth, I hear the sibilant threat. Walt Whitman

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Every European visitor to the United States is struck by the comparative rarity of what he would call a face, by the frequency of men and women who look like elderly babies. If he stays in the States for any length of time, he will learn that this cannot be put down to a lack of sensibility -- the American feels the joys and sufferings of human life as keenly as anybody else. The only plausible explanation I can find lies in his different attitude to the past. To have a face, in the European sense of the word, it would seem that one must not only enjoy and suffer but also desire to preserve the memory of even the most humiliating and unpleasant experiences of the past. W. H. Auden

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The faces that have charmed us the most escape us the soonest. Walter Scott

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The face is the index of the mind.

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A face is too slight a foundation for happiness. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

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Wicked thoughts and worthless efforts gradually set their mark on the face, especially the eyes. Arthur Schopenhauer

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It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us. Arthur Schopenhauer

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A man's face as a rule says more, and more interesting things, than his mouth, for it is a compendium of everything his mouth will ever say, in that it is the monogram of all this man's thoughts and aspirations. Arthur Schopenhauer

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Every man over forty is responsible for his face. Abraham Lincoln

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My face looks like a wedding-cake left out in the rain. W. H. Auden

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Clowns wear a face that's painted intentionally on them so they appear to be happy or sad. What kind of mask are you wearing today?

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The tartness of his face sours ripe grapes. William Shakespeare

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A strange and somewhat impassive physiognomy is often, perhaps, an advantage to an orator, or leader of any sort, because it helps to fix the eye and fascinate the mind. Charles Cooley

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God had given you one face, and you make yourself another. William Shakespeare

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Time engraves our faces with all the tears we have not shed. Natalie Clifford Barney

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People remain what they are even if their faces fall apart. Bertolt Brecht

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It is the common wonder of all men, how among so many million faces, there should be none alike. Thomas Browne

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Alas after a certain age, every man is responsible for his own face. Albert Camus

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I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception. Groucho Marx

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The eyes those silent tongues of love. Miguel de Cervantes

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What is a face, really? Its own photo? Its make-up? Or is it a face as painted by such or such painter? That which is in front? Inside? Behind? And the rest? Doesn't everyone look at himself in his own particular way? Deformations simply do not exist. Pablo Picasso

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He had a face like a blessing. Miguel de Cervantes

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A good face they say, is a letter of recommendation. O Nature, Nature, why art thou so dishonest, as ever to send men with these false recommendations into the World! Henry Fielding

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If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one? Abraham Lincoln

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I am the family face; flesh perishes, I live on, projecting trait and trace through time to times anon, and leaping from place to place over oblivion. Thomas Hardy