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Quotations The Best Quotes About Journalism And Journalists  

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I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon. Tom Stoppard

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In the real world, nothing happens at the right place at the right time. It is the job of journalists and historians to correct that. Mark Twain

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Journalism without a moral position is impossible. Every journalist is a moralist. It's absolutely unavoidable. A journalist is someone who looks at the world and the way it works, someone who takes a close look at things every day and reports what she sees, someone who represents the world, the event, for others. She cannot do her work without judging what she sees. Marguerite Duras

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Write the news as if your very life depended on it. It does! Heywood Broun

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Our job is like a baker's work -- his rolls are tasty as long as they're fresh; after two days they're stale; after a week, they're covered with mould and fit only to be thrown out. Ryszard Kapuściński

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Journalist: a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them; a writer whose skill is improved by a deadline: the more time he has, the worse he writes. Karl Kraus

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I am a journalist and, under the modern journalist's code of Olympian objectivity (and total purity of motive), I am absolved of responsibility. We journalists don't have to step on roaches. All we have to do is turn on the kitchen light and watch the critters scurry. P. J. O'Rourke

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There is much to be said in favor of modern journalism. By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. By carefully chronicling the current events of contemporary life, it shows us of what very little importance such events really are. By invariably discussing the unnecessary, it makes us understand what things are requisite for culture, and what are not. Oscar Wilde

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The real news is bad news. Marshall McLuhan

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Literature is the art of writing something that will be read twice; journalism what will be grasped at once. Cyril Connolly

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I see journalists as the manual workers, the laborers of the word. Journalism can only be literature when it is passionate. Marguerite Duras

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If the reporter has killed our imagination with his truth, he threatens our life with his lies. Karl Kraus

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I get up in the morning with an idea for a three-volume novel and by nightfall it's a paragraph in my column. Don Marquis

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Journalism consists largely in saying Lord James is dead to people who never knew Lord James was alive. G. K. Chesterton

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It was a fatal day when the public discovered that the pen is mightier than the paving-stone, and can be made as offensive as the brickbat. They at once sought for the journalist, found him, developed him, and made him their industrious and well-paid servant. It is greatly to be regretted, for both their sakes. Oscar Wilde

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If a person is not talented enough to be a novelist, not smart enough to be a lawyer, and his hands are too shaky to perform operations, he becomes a journalist. Norman Mailer

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Journalists are like dogs, when ever anything moves they begin to bark. Arthur Schopenhauer

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Journalism is literature in a hurry. Matthew Arnold

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More than illness or death, the American journalist fears standing alone against the whim of his owners or the prejudices of his audience. Deprive William Safire of the insignia of the New York Times, and he would have a hard time selling his truths to a weekly broadsheet in suburban Duluth. Lewis Lapham

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The man must have a rare recipe for melancholy, who can be dull in Fleet Street. Charles Lamb

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We need not be theologians to see that we have shifted responsibility for making the world interesting from God to the newspaperman. Daniel J. Boorstin

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Every journalist owes tribute to the evil one. Jean de La Fontaine

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A petty reason perhaps why novelists more and more try to keep a distance from journalists is that novelists are trying to write the truth and journalists are trying to write fiction. Graham Greene

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Thom McCann added The journalists' job is to fill white space. Steven Birmingham (?)

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sconverse added The quality of life in America is dependent on the quality of the journalism. Most people don't realize that, but if you think about it, journalism is one of the pillars on which our society is perched.