The Best Quotes About Materialism

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    We live in a world of things, and our only connection with them is that we know how to manipulate or to consume them.

    Erich Fromm
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    Any so-called material thing that you want is merely a symbol: you want it not for itself, but because it will content your spirit for the moment.

    Mark Twain
    14 votes
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    Not what I have, but what I do is my kingdom.

    Thomas Carlyle
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    Once one is caught up into the material world not one person in ten thousand finds the time to form literary taste, to examine the validity of philosophic concepts for himself, or to form what, for lack of a better phrase, I might call the wise and tragic sense of life.

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    It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly.

    Bertrand Russell
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    Acquisition means life to miserable mortals.

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