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Mistakes are the portals of discovery. James Joyce

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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Albert Einstein

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A man's errors are his portals of discovery. James Joyce

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Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it -- immediately. Stephen Covey

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People are so busy dreaming the American Dream, fantasizing about what they could be or have a right to be, that they're all asleep at the switch. Consequently we are living in the Age of Human Error. Florence King

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The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one. Elbert Hubbard

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The best fortune that can fall to a man is that which corrects his defects and makes up for his failings. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Error is discipline through which we advance. William Ellery Channing

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I do not fear failure. I only fear the slowing up of the engine inside of me which is pounding, saying, Keep going, someone must be on top, why not you? George S. Patton

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Experience enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. Franklin P. Jones

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A clever man commits no minor blunders. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience. Denis Waitley

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It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Arthur Conan Doyle

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Errors look so very ugly in persons of small means --one feels they are taking quite a liberty in going astray; whereas people of fortune may naturally indulge in a few delinquencies. George Eliot

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No man ever achieved worth-while success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure. Napoleon Hill

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All wrong doing is done in the sincere belief that it is the best thing to do. Arnold Bennett

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The greatest blunders, like the thickest ropes, are often compounded of a multitude of strands. Take the rope apart, separate it into the small threads that compose it, and you can break them one by one. You think, That is all there was! But twist them all together and you have something tremendous. Victor Hugo

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Truth is immortal; error is mortal. Mary Baker Eddy

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Man approaches the unattainable truth through a succession of errors. Aldous Huxley

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Most of my advances were by mistake. You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn't. Buckminster Fuller

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When I reflect, as I frequently do, upon the felicity I have enjoyed, I sometimes say to myself, that were the offer made me, I would engage to run again, from beginning to end, the same career of life. All I would ask, should be the privilege of an author, to correct in a second edition, certain errors of the first. Benjamin Franklin

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A mistake at least proves that somebody stopped talking long enough to DO something.

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If I had my life to live again. I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner. Tallulah Bankhead

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The better a man is the more mistakes he will make for the more things he will try. Peter Drucker

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Experience is the name we give to our mistakes. Oscar Wilde