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The Best Quotes About Power  

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A list of the best power quotes and sayings, including the names of each speaker or author when available. This list is sorted by popularity, so only the most famous power quotes are at the top. The authors of these historic power quotes are displayed next to each quote, so if you see one you like be sure to check out other inspirational power quotes from that same writer.

This list answers the questions, "What are the best quotes about power?" and "What are inspirational power quotes?"

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Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln
Power never takes a step back except in the face of more power. Malcolm X
You cannot have power for good without having power for evil too. Even mother's milk nourishes murderers as well as heroes. George Bernard Shaw
The purpose of getting power is to be able to give it away. Aneurin Bevan
There is no knowledge that is not power. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Power! Did you ever hear of men being asked whether other souls should have power or not? It is born in them. You may dam up the fountain of water, and make it a stagnant marsh, or you may let it run free and do its work; but you cannot say whether it shall be there; it is there. And it will act, if not openly for good, then covertly for evil; but it will act. Olive Schreiner
No man is wise enough, or good enough to be trusted with unlimited power. Charles Caleb Colton
Power is the faculty or capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something. It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions. It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones. Stephen Covey
Wherever there is power there is age. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak. John Adams
The man whose authority is recent is always stern. Aeschylus
The ordinary man with extraordinary power is the chief danger for mankind -- not the fiend or the sadist. Erich Fromm
The fundamental concept in social science is Power, in the same sense in which Energy is the fundamental concept in physics. Bertrand Russell
"Die never for a god, Nikodemos who should know better -- not your soldiers' god, nor any other." Janet Morris
"Learn when to fear, and how to fear, and how much to fear, before you squander all you have left." Janet Morris, Chris Morris
Power is the most persuasive rhetoric. Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller
Ten persons who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent. Napoleon Bonaparte
If you haven't the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you. T. S. Eliot
The power to do good is also the power to do harm. Milton Friedman
What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?
Madness in great ones must not unwatched go. William Shakespeare
It is a strange desire, to seek power, and to lose liberty; or to seek power over others, and to lose power over a man's self. Francis Bacon
Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true. Honoré de Balzac
The attempt to combine wisdom and power has only rarely been successful and then only for a short while. Albert Einstein
The stupidity of men always invites the insolence of power. Ralph Waldo Emerson