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List of famous fighter pilots, with photos, bios, and other information when available. Who are the top fighter pilots in the world? This includes the most prominent fighter pilots, living and dead, both in America and abroad. This list of notable fighter pilots is ordered by their level of prominence, and can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these historic fighter pilots were born and what their nationality is. The people on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all renowned fighter pilots.

List features people like John McCain, Buzz Aldrin, and many more

From reputable, prominent, and well known fighter pilots to the lesser known fighter pilots of today, these are some of the best professionals in the fighter pilot field. If you want to answer the questions, "Who are the most famous fighter pilots ever?" and "What are the names of famous fighter pilots?" then you're in the right place. (99 items)
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John Sidney McCain III is the senior United States Senator from Arizona. He was the Republican presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election. McCain followed his father and grandfather, both four-star admirals, into the United States Navy, graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1958. He became a naval aviator, flying ground-attack aircraft from aircraft carriers. During the Vietnam War, he was almost killed in the 1967 USS Forrestal fire. In October 1967, while on a bombing mission over Hanoi, he was shot down, seriously injured, and captured by the North Vietnamese. He was a prisoner of war until 1973. McCain experienced episodes of torture, and refused an ...more

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Robert William "Bob" Barker is an American former television game show host. He is best known for hosting CBS's The Price Is Right from 1972 to 2007, making it the longest-running daytime game show in North American television history, and for hosting Truth or Consequences from 1956 to 1974. Born in Washington state to modest circumstances, Barker enlisted in the United States Navy on the outbreak of World War II. Barker worked part-time in radio while he attended college. In 1950, Barker moved to California in order to pursue a career in broadcasting. He was given his own radio show, The Bob Barker Show, which ran for the next six years from Burbank. Barker began his game show career in ...more

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Buzz Aldrin is an American engineer and former astronaut, and the second person to walk on the Moon. He was the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. He set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 on July 21, 1969, following mission commander Neil Armstrong. He is also a former U.S. Air Force officer and a Command Pilot. ...more

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Prince Andrew, Duke of York KG GCVO CD ADC, is the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. At the time of his birth, he was second in the line of succession to succeed his mother; he is currently fifth in line. He also holds the actual rank of commander and the honorary rank of vice admiral in the Royal Navy, in which he served as an active duty helicopter pilot and later instructor in helicopter flight. He saw active service during the Falklands War, flying on multiple missions including anti-surface warfare, Exocet missile decoy and casualty evacuation. In 1986, Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson; the couple's marriage, subsequent separation ...more

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