The Top Hudson's Bay Company Employees

List of notable or famous Hudson's Bay Company employees, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list is a directory of the best Hudson's Bay Company employees, showcasing only the most prominent Hudson's Bay Company employees of all time. This list features past and present top Hudson's Bay Company managers, including both current and retired Hudson's Bay Company executives and alumni. Well-known Hudson's Bay Company staff along with current and former Hudson's Bay Company employees were and still are crucial to the company's success, as without these hard working men and women Hudson's Bay Company would never be what it is today.

List features people like John Rae and John McLoughlin.

This renowned Hudson's Bay Company employees list answers the questions, "What famous people have worked at Hudson's Bay Company?" and "Who are the most famous Hudson's Bay Company employees?"

  • Alexander Roderick McLeod

    Alexander Roderick McLeod (c. 1782 – 11 June 1840) was a fur trader and explorer in British North America who began his career with the North West Company in 1802. McLeod became a trader and brigade leader with the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), led by Sir George Simpson, after they joined with the NWC in 1821. He was highly active in solidifying the HBC role in the Pacific Northwest and was instrumental in George Back's Arctic expedition, as well as in establishing the Siskiyou Trail between Fort Vancouver and the Sacramento Valley of California.Based at Fort Vancouver, McLeod explored the Umpqua and Rogue rivers in 1826-28, and was preparing his brigade for another departure in July 1828 ...more
    • Age: Dec. at 58 (1782-1840)
  • Henry John Moberly

    Henry John Moberly, also known as Harry or Harvey (1835–1931) was a fur trader. He entered the Hudson's Bay Company's service in 1854, and in 1862 was in charge of the post on Stuart Lake; gave his name to Moberly Lake in the Peace River country. After nearly 40 years service, retired in Saskatchewan, in 1894. Moberly was born at Penetanguishene, Ontario, on 2 August 1835. His father was Post-Captain John Moberly, R.N., and his mother Marie Foch, a Polish lady whose ancestral home was in Alsace-Lorraine. Henry John was a younger son. Several of the Moberlys have given distinguished service in the fields of engineering and exploration of Canada. Moberly was educated at the Barrie Grammar ...more
    • Age: Dec. at 96 (1835-1931)
  • Isaac Cowie
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    Isaac Cowie (November 18, 1848 – May 18, 1917) was a Scottish-born Canadian pioneer, fur trader, and politician. He served on the town council of Edmonton.
    • Age: Dec. at 68 (1848-1917)
    • Birthplace: Lerwick, United Kingdom
  • John McLoughlin
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    Dr. John McLoughlin, baptized Jean-Baptiste McLoughlin, (October 19, 1784 – September 3, 1857) was a French-Canadian, later American, Chief Factor and Superintendent of the Columbia District of the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Vancouver from 1824 to 1845. He was later known as the "Father of Oregon" for his role in assisting the American cause in the Oregon Country. In the late 1840s, his general store in Oregon City was famous as the last stop on the Oregon Trail.
    • Age: Dec. at 72 (1784-1857)
    • Birthplace: Rivière-du-Loup, Canada
  • John Rae
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    John Rae (Inuktitut: ᐊᒡᓘᑲ, [aɡluːka]; 30 September 1813 – 22 July 1893) was a Scottish Orcadian surgeon who explored parts of northern Canada and is often credited with discovering the final portion of the Northwest Passage, the Rae Strait. Rae explored the Gulf of Boothia, northwest of the Hudson Bay, from 1846 to 1847, and the Arctic coast near Victoria Island from 1848 to 1851. In 1854, back in the Gulf of Boothia, he obtained credible information from local Inuit peoples about the fate of Franklin's lost expedition, which had disappeared in the area in 1848. Rae was noted for his physical stamina, skill at hunting, boat handling, use of native methods, and ability to travel long ...more
    • Age: Dec. at 79 (1813-1893)
    • Birthplace: Hall of Clestrain
  • John Work

    John Work (c. 1792 – 22 December 1861) was a Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company and head of one of the original founding families in Victoria, British Columbia. Work joined the Hudson's Bay Company in 1814 and served in many capacities until his death in 1861, ultimately becoming a member of the company's Board of Management for its Western Department. He also served on Vancouver Island’s Legislative Council. At the time of his death, Work was the largest private land owner of Vancouver Island. Work left an important legacy in the form of sixteen journals which chronicle his trading expeditions from 1823 to 1851. His journals provide a detailed record of Pacific Northwest land ...more
    • Age: Dec. at 69 (1792-1861)
    • Birthplace: County Donegal, Republic of Ireland