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Famous People In Open Marriages

Updated 14 Jun 2019 183.9k views31 items

This famous swingers list is a round-up of celebrities known to be in open relationships. From Will Smith to Dolly Parton, there are more celebrity swingers than you'd imagine and they're all here on this list of celebrity open marriages.

Who are some of the most famous celebrity swingers? These Hollywood celebrities, while not swingers, do give their significant others the freedom to go outside the relationship to "meet their needs." While society in general may frown upon the idea of open relationships, these couples swear that allowing their partner the freedom to see others allows them to have security and strength in what they have.

Could you handle being in these famous open marriages? Maybe you'll get your chance! If these swinging stars are allowed a little side action, you could just find yourself in bed with one of Hollywood's most famous faces.
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