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Things Creationists Believe, Despite Being Conclusively Disproven By Science

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Creationism is the belief that God created all of the life on Earth, as well as the Earth itself. Creationist beliefs, therefore, stem from literal interpretations of the Bible, particularly the early chapters of Genesis, and from sweeping explanations that reject all of the scientific evidence that goes against those beliefs. In particular, creationists do not believe in evolution. Over 40% of Americans subscribe to some form of creationist belief.

Some arguments that creationists use to refute the theory of evolution are that transitional fossils between life forms have never been found, that the vastly complex biological systems that make up human life are too complicated to have formed by accident, that evolution has never been proved beyond a theory, that God made everything older than 6,000 years only appear to be that old, and that humans were designed "intelligently" by a creator. These concepts, however, have little if any scientific validity.

Here are some of the most widely-held beliefs in creationism, and how science has disproved them.

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