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List of Famous TV Chefs

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This list of famous TV chefs includes photos, bios, and other information, when available. Who are the top TV chefs in the world? This includes the most prominent TV chefs, both living and dead, from America and abroad. The notable TV chefs below are ordered by their level of prominence, and the list can be sorted for various bits of information, such as where these famous chefs on TV were born and what their nationality is. These popular chefs are also found on most entertaining celebrity chefs, famous pastry chefs, and the best cooking TV shows of all time. The top celebrity chefs on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all well known chefs, famous for their television cooking shows and appearances.

This list is made up of a variety of famous cooks on TV, including Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Julia Child. When perusing a list of famous chefs, you're sure to find many names of chefs you're already a fan of, but you'll also discover some famous Asian chefs, and other famous TV cooks you are soon to be a fan of.

From reputable, prominent, and celebrity TV chefs to the lesser known TV chefs of today, these are some of the best professionals in the TV cooking show world. Who are the most famous TV chefs ever? What are the names of the best TV chefs? Just take a look below!

  • Gordon James Ramsay (born 8 November 1966) is a British chef, restaurateur, writer,...  more

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  • Julia Carolyn Child (née McWilliams; August 15, 1912 – August 13, 2004) was an American chef,...  more

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  • Anthony Michael Bourdain (; June 25, 1956 – June 8, 2018) was an American celebrity chef,...  more

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  • Rachael Domenica Ray (born August 25, 1968) is an American television personality,...  more

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  • James Trevor Oliver (born 27 May 1975) is a British chef and restaurateur. He is known for...  more

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  • Giada Pamela De Laurentiis (born August 22, 1970) is an American chef, writer, and television...  more

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  • Paula Ann Hiers Deen (born January 19, 1947) is an American TV personality and cooking show...  more

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  • Robert William Flay (born December 10, 1964) is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and...  more

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  • Catherine Ann Cora (born April 3, 1967) is an American professional chef best known for her...  more

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  • Alton Brown

    Alton Crawford Brown Jr. (born July 30, 1962) is an American television personality, food show...  more


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  • Martin Yan (Chinese: 甄文達, Zhen Wenda; born 22 December 1948) is a Chinese-American chef and...  more

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  • Emeril Lagasse

    Emeril John Lagassé III ( EM-ə-rəl lə-GAH-see; born October 15, 1959) is an American celebrity...  more
  • Ming Tsai (Chinese: 蔡明昊; pinyin: Cài Mínghào; born March 29, 1964) is an American...  more
  • Mario Francesco Batali (born September 19, 1960) is an American chef, writer, restaurateur,...  more

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  • Guy Ramsay Fieri (US: , Italian: [ˈfjɛːri]; né Ferry; born January 22, 1968) is an American...  more

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  • Hugh Christopher Edmund Fearnley-Whittingstall (born 14 January 1965) is an English celebrity...  more
  • Lidia Giuliana Matticchio Bastianich (Italian: [ˈliːdja matˈtikkjo baˈstjaːnitʃ]; born in...  more
  • Rocco DiSpirito (born November 19, 1966) is an American chef based in New York City....  more
  • Ina Rosenberg Garten ( EYE-nə; born February 2, 1948) is an American author, host of the Food...  more

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  • Michael Symon

    Michael D. Symon (born September 19, 1969) is an American chef, restaurateur, television...  more
  • Robert Paul Irvine (born 24 September 1965) is an English celebrity chef and talk show host...  more
  • Jacques Pépin French pronunciation: ​[ʒak pepɛ̃] (born December 18, 1935) is a French–American...  more
  • Sara Moulton (born February 19, 1952) is an American chef, cookbook author and television...  more
  • Mary Ann Esposito (born August 3, 1942 in Buffalo, New York) is an American chef, cookbook...  more
  • Jeffrey Adam "Duff" Goldman (born December 17, 1974) is a pastry chef and television...  more

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