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List of notable or famous Waste Management, Inc employees, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list is a directory of the best Waste Management, Inc employees, showcasing only the most prominent Waste Management, Inc employees of all time. This list features past and present top Waste Management, Inc managers, including both current and retired Waste Management, Inc executives and alumni. Well-known Waste Management, Inc staff along with current and former Waste Management, Inc employees were and still are crucial to the company's success, as without these hard working men and women Waste Management, Inc would never be what it is today.

List includes Robert S. Miller, Brian D. Thelen, more.

This renowned Waste Management, Inc employees list answers the questions, "What famous people have worked at Waste Management, Inc?" and "Who are the most famous Waste Management, Inc employees?"

Barry H Caldwell

Brian D. Thelen is the vice president of Corporate Audit Services for Delphi Corporation. He is also a member of the Delphi Strategy Board, the company's top policy-making group. ...more on Wikipedia

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Cherie C Rice

David Allan Aardsma is an American professional baseball pitcher in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. He has played in Major League Baseball for the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and New York Mets. ...more on Wikipedia

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