24 Death Note Cosplays That Netflix Should Take Notes From

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Vote up the cosplayers who're definitely more faithful to the series than the upcoming Netflix adaptation.

One of the most popular anime of all time, Death Note has a massive fandom that enthusiastically embodies the show's distinct visual style in their Death Note cosplays. A combination of charismatic characters and macabre supernatural entities makes Death Note cosplayers stand out from the rest of the pack. The best Death Note cosplays convey the show's complicated storyline and morality through its equally complex characters, ranging from young children to fearsome shinigami, or death gods. These creative and talented cosplayers and photographers combine to bring justice to an epic anime that fell victim to American mass-media through their extraordinary cosplay of Death Note characters.

With Hollywood cashing in on anime's ever-growing popularity, it comes as no surprise that in their haste they'd make the same mistake studios made with the Scarlet Johannson-led Ghost in the Shell. Unfortunately, many of the beloved characters from Death Note cosplayed here are whitewashed into completely different ones, which means the story won't quite be the same. Although this is hard to swallow, just remember these fantastic Death Note cosplayers who brilliantly bring you Death Note cosplay much more faithful than Netflix's adaptation. The true story never dies thanks to their faithful adaptations.