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The Most Notorious Serial Killers from Texas

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Our society is at once intrigued and repulsed by serial killers. Popular TV shows like Dexter, Hannibal, and Bates Motel feed into our morbid fascination with murderous psychopaths, while at the same time, true crime stories and graphic news headlines remind us of the disturbing and terrifying realities of such crimes.  

The FBI defines a "serial killer" as a person who has committed at least two murders on separate occasions. With over 2,625 documented cases, the United States has produced more serial killers than any other country. And Texas, in particular, has produced some of the most notorious.

From the Servant Girl Annihilator in the 1880s to the Candyman in the 1970s, Texas law enforcement officers have been burdened with many high-profile serial murder cases over the years. Here are the most notorious serial killers from Texas.