Novels Based on Comic Books

A list of comic book novels. These are novels based on famous comic books, and popular comic book story plots. Often, after a major comic book story comes to an end, a novel of that story will be published. Books like the ones listed below are often written to either cater to young adults (and tempt them to crack open a book), or for older fans who'd rather read a novel. They're also, of course, for die-hard comic book lore junkies. If you missed out on your comic book reading, then these novels can be a great way to quickly catch up.
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    52: The Novel

    Based on: 52 comic book series
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    Craig Shaw Gardner
    Based on: 1989 Batman movie
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    Akiva Goldsman
    Based on: 1997 Batman & Robin movie
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    Batman and Superman: Enemies & Allies