Novels with the Best Love Stories

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This list is about novels with the best love stories; it answers the question, “What are the best books about love stories?” Love stories can take us all over the place; one minute we have those fluttering butterflies in our stomachs, and the next we’re crying hysterically because of how painful love is.The best love stories are the ones that truly touch our soul; who doesn’t shed a tear or two when Romeo wakes up, just in time to see his beloved Juliet drink poison and die by his side? And who wouldn’t feel a sense of empathy and injustice when reading Memoirs of a Geisha? Only a cold-hearted person wouldn’t be touched by the heartwarming story of Anne of Green Gables or Little Women.

Yes, love stories can make us utterly miserable, laugh as loud as a child, furiously angry - even seriously depressed - and most of the time, within a single novel! Perhaps the most famous love story is Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables that is set in Paris, France during the French Revolution. It is always stories where love is produced during hard times that we can identify with the most. Do you have a favorite love story that is featured on this list? Vote for yours!
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