Unspeakable Crimes This Nurse Brutally Murdered Her Abusive Boss And Claimed It Was Her Duty 'To Kill Him'  

Mick Jacobs

Employer-employee relationships can sometimes go south, but the relationship between nurse Sarah Koten's relationship with her boss took a turn for the downright sinister. Pushed to her limits by her abusive employer, Koten took judgment into her own hands. Her tale of revenge plays out in the video below.

After succumbing to brutal physical and sexual abuse from her boss, Koten deduced that she must be the one to prevent such things from happening to anyone else. What many saw as a tale of revenge was, to Koten at least, an act of preventative justice.

To guarantee the safety of other women, Koten went the full nine yards against her employer: she killed him. The ensuing media uproar and subsequent trial dragged the woman's name through the mud, with public opinion shifting wildly as her trial unfolded in the press.

Watch the video below to understand exactly what pushed Koten to the unthinkable. When you fully realize what Dr. Auspitz put Koten through, you may find yourself seeing things from her point of view.