shopping Nutella Price Cut Causes Havoc In France As Everyone Tries To Stock Up On Deals  

Rebecca High

A price drop on Nutella in France caused unbridled grocery store chaos from shoppers eager to take advantage of a sweet deal on a sweet, sweet product, as this video captured.

The chocolate and hazelnut spread is globally popular, earning the kind of passionate devotion not usually reserved for hazelnut-based items. So when Intermarché supermarket marked the jars down by almost 70%, there was a mad dash in the aisles.

The clamor for this treat is real, it seems, and shoppers who were able to escape the melee gleefully boasted multiple big jars of the spread in their baskets like conquering heroes set to return home with the spoils of colonial pilfering.

After you watch this video, just think about how far you would go for some cheap Nutella. Or is there another product for which you would knock over other shoppers?