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The Most Believable Obi-Wan Kenobi Fan Theories In The Galaxy

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Ever since Sir Alec Guinness pulled down his hood, revealing the first Jedi seen in Star Wars, fans have been kicking around theories about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Fan theories about Kenobi have been around for more than 40 years, and they have evolved over time as more information about the man was revealed. Thanks to the prequel trilogy, Clone Wars, and a plethora of books and comics, fan theories about Obi-Wan Kenobi have grown and blossomed into some seriously believable ideas.

This list highlights the best Obi-Wan Kenobi fan theories people have shared on Reddit's FanTheories subreddit. There are tons of them, but the ones found here are the most believable. Take a look, and if you find one you think makes sense, be sure to upvote it to see which one rises to the top!

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    Obi-Wan Hiding Luke On Tatooine Was Brilliant

    From Redditor u/CuddlePirate420:

    I see this topic discussed a lot, but always in the "Obi-Wan was stupid" direction. They say he was an idiot for hiding him on Vader's homeworld. Some even going so far as to call it a plot hole. It's not, a character doing something dumb is not a plot hole it is just a character doing something dumb.

    But it wasn't dumb, it was brilliant. Despite having the resources of the entire Empire at his disposal, Vader is a very hands on guy. He personally enters the Tantive IV to look for Leia and the stolen plans. He personally hunts down Obi-Wan on the Death Star. 

    He personally leads an attack against the rebels during the Battle of Yavin. He personally enters Hoth base to find the rebels. Personally captures Han Solo on Bespin.

    Personally tortures them and oversees Han being frozen. He personally travels to Endor to capture Luke and personally delivers him to the Emperor. But, the one time he didn't take a hands on approach was when they thought the stolen plans were on Tatooine.

    He stayed on his ship. Vader was terrified of Tatooine and Obi Wan knew it. He knew Vader would never ever set foot on Tatooine. It might have been the most brilliant thing he had ever done in his life. Especially seeing as how it worked perfectly.

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    The Lightsaber Fight Between Obi-Wan And Darth Vader Was Merely A Formality

    From Redditor u/pgibso:

    Among the numerous lightsaber battles depicted in the Star wars films, the one that tends to garner the most laughs and not counted as the best depicted fight- would be first one we see- between Obi Wan and former apprentice Darth Vader.

    It's no triumph of choreography, they tap swords and lightly spar like- almost toying around like two friends almost playing rather than two enemies honestly trying to do the other one in- but that would be missing the point.

    That's because it's not a fight, it's a conversation. It's an attempt at communication under the guise of Jedi/Sith protocol. See a Jedi: Draw lightsaber. See a Sith: Draw Lightsaber. It was mandatory.

    In truth- the fight could probably have been over in seconds- Vader overpowering Obi Wan rather quickly- but instead they hold a rather lengthy conversation with one another. Vader, gloating at his gained strength and Obi Wan sending his message of warning.

    Also Obi Wan never intended to make it off the Death Star. His sacrifice was deliberate- meant to allow him to pass on become a stronger force to aid Luke, as well as to create the perfect distraction to keep Vader from focusing on the real problem; Luke and Leia escaping.

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    Why Darth Vader Reacted The Way He Did At Obi-Wan Disappearing Into A Robe

    From Redditor u/mybustersword:

    Vader wasn't as confused as he was surprised. He knew what happened, Obi Wan warned him that he would be more powerful if struck down.. He gives a hint to the power he was promised by Palpatine, eternal life. A power he could not get from a a Jedi

    Yet we know that in Episode II Qui Gon has contacted--in a way - Anakin during his slaughter of the sand people. He heard his voice. We can assume Qui Gon had been contacting Anakin/Vader in some way throughout his life, and if we assume that Vader has at least had a suspicion of becoming one with the force, it brings much more context to Vader awkwardly pushing around the robe after Obi-Wan disappeared.

    He can't believe what happened. He can't believe it's true, the Jedi can teach eternal life, Palpatine lied to him, and he's been manipulated the entire time. This is the turning point we see in Vader this early on in the trilogy, and gives more credence to his turn from the Emperor and request to Luke to join him. This is the moment he learned the true nature of the dark side

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    Kenobi's Control Of The High Ground All But Guaranteed His Victory

    From Redditor u/SainttecWalker:

    There actually is a legitimate foundation for why "The High Ground" would be so important in that moment between those two duelists.

    They begin their duel in a control room on the volcanic lava planet Mustafar, and their duel damages important safety mechanisms that cause the facility they're engaged in to begin melting into the lava below.

    Eventually, they are dueling simply on scrap metal floating upon a lava river. We see that the river is leading to a lavafall, and so the duel must end here one way or another. 

    So Obi-Wan turned to Anakin and said "It's over, I have the High Ground" because he, just like Anakin now, had once been in a position where success requires a massive vertical leap over your opponent and he knew the risk that move entailed.

    Obi-Wan begged Anakin "Don't try it.", but Anakin misinterpreted that plea. In his hatred and overconfidence, Anakin felt Obi-Wan's fear and thought he had found the situation where he could best his master. 

    He believed he had found a strike that Obi-Wan could not repel and now, of course, his statement about the High Ground was simply a bluff! Unfortunately, Obi-Wan's true fear was that the only way to survive that slope on Mustafar, the only hope for the Republic to live, was to make one of a million past nightmares reality.

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