Graveyard Shift

13 Eerie and Beautiful Objects Made from Human Body Parts

While it might seem taboo to make art or other functional objects out of human body parts, the practice is nothing new. Artists have often found ways to turn bones, skin, teeth, hair, and even their own blood into remarkable works of art, or at the very least, something useful - like a criminal who determined that his memoirs should be bound with his own flesh!

It was also somewhat common for people in the Victorian era to keep a lock of their dead loved one's hair and incorporate it into a beautiful piece of jewelry, something that is not so far removed from keeping a beloved's hair in a locket or their ashes in an urn today. And if you're going to make a self-portrait, what better way to really put yourself into your work than by crafting it out of your own frozen blood, or with hair from every part of your body?

These works of art might be macabre, but some of these made-from-humans-by-humans objects are really quite incredible.