15 Obscure Horror Movies from the '60s You Need to See Right Now

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The 1960s was a great decade for the horror genre. Sixties' horror films pioneered many innovations, such as the introduction of copious gore, nonlinear plots, and realistic storylines. Between the threat of nuclear annihilation, the Vietnam war, and the psychedelic hippie movement, it was a truly terrifying time to live. 

The 1960s marked the decline of traditional Hollywood, and the rise of independent filmmakers. Radicalism found its way into cinema, and nowhere was it more pronounced than in horror. The old guard monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein's monster gave way to new types of monsters like Norman Bates and flesh-eating zombies. Many new techniques were tried: some of them failed, but others ushered in a new era.

While films like PsychoThe Birds, and Night of the Living Dead captured the public consciousness, a lot of great horror from the '60s has been forgotten. This list of obscure horror movies should even up the score a bit. Some of these you may have heard of. All of them are highly recommended.