20 Obscure Horror Movies from the '90s You Need to See Right Now

The '90s were a weird decade for the horror genre. The tidal wave of demand created by the advent of VHS and video stores that began in the 1980s inundated the country with films. Many of the resulting '90s horror movies were sequels to older horror classics. Did anyone actually see Children of the Corn V? It was so bad that it made Children of the Corn 666 seem good.

Other films were new takes on the "slasher" genre, such as Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Psychological crime dramas like The Silence of the Lambs and Seven won international acclaim. Japanese horror was just starting to emerge as a force with films like Ringu. While the American version, The Ring, catapulted Japanese horror into the American mainstream, it also served as a harbinger of things to come: the remake.

With all these cross currents, a lot of great horror films got lost in the stream of time. Through a careful spelunking expedition, they have been rediscovered and put on this list. These obscure films represent the best horror of the '90s that you may have missed.