16 Obscure Horror Movies from the 1940s You Probably Haven't Seen

The 1940s marked the decline of the golden age of horror. Many horror films from the '40s were simply episodic replays of the classic monster films of the 1930s. With horror tropes established and studios churning out movies like an assembly line, innovation was rare. In all fairness, though, there was a war going on. The very real horrors of that conflict often demanded a less serious cinematic experience. The mad scientist trope, in particular, gains new meaning when juxtaposed with the very real human experimentation occurring at the time.

Despite all this, there were some gems to come out of the decade. These obscure horror movies are fine works of cinema that shouldn't be overlooked. Though they have long passed from the public consciousness, these are quality films emblematic of the era's style. They show that the old guard of classic horror actors still had a few tricks up their sleeves, as well as some new techniques to introduce to the industry.