20 Toys That Everyone Had in the '90s For Some Reason

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Kids toys and action figures have always been big business. Sometimes they are massive franchises that spawn billion dollar movies and decades of merchandise and enjoyment for kids and adults alike. Other times... well, they completely miss the mark. Ranker Comics has visited this island of misfit figures and collected a list of bizarre, obscure and ridiculous action figures from our youth.

Sure, there were the big money makers: He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers. Then there are the imitators to the throne: M.A.S.K., VR Troopers, CORPS, Thundercats. These doppelgangers only lasted for a brief time and many found homes stowed away in the collections of the the bigger brands. We should dust these little plastic warriors off and celebrate their weirdness! Then there was the big comics of the 1990s where any and every comic book title was optioned for a toy line and cartoon combo. Some of these titles and characters no longer exist but their molded plastic forms remain, like an ancient trophy to a once powerful reign. Of course, the real money was in the tsunami of action and science fiction films, that were immortalized with brief action figure toy lines - even if the film is questionable in its marketing towards kids.

So stand proud, Biker Mice from Mars, Toxic Crusaders and Beetleborgs! Although you might have ended up in the neighborhood garage sale years ago, alongside some of the most dangerous '90s toys parents couldn't wait to get rid of, Ranker Comics has not forgotten your epic playtime battles! Noble readers, enjoy this meticulous collection of collectibles that are sure to stir a few memories and may make you want to revisit that dusty box in the attic!