11 Nickelodeon Shows You Kind Of Remember

Ever have one of those moments where you completely forgot something existed, only to have a random memory pulled from the cavernous depths of your brain when you see that thing again after a long time? Well, if not, then get ready, because these obscure Nickelodeon shows will certainly summon some oddly nostalgic memories. We're not talking about shows like Hey Dude or Salute Your Shorts – those are too recognizable. For this list, we've really dug into the dregs of NICK's past lineup, selecting shows that will cause you to freak out when you see them again after all these years.

Some of the shows on this list are the most random and weird shows to ever air on Nickelodeon, including Weinerville, The Elephant ShowSpace Cases, and more. These are the shows that might have made you change the channel back in the '90s, or perhaps you actually did watch and have just forgotten about them. Either way, you're likely to have a nostalgia overload after looking through this list, so don't say we didn't warn you. And if you loved these shows, check out these Nickelodeon original movies.