20 Semi-Obscure Anime to Check Out If You Need Something To Watch

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There are thousands of amazing anime titles out there, but most fans only watch a small handful of shows. Popular shows aren't necessarily bad; some of them are straight-up awesome, and they also have built-in fandoms and mainstream rapport. Still, sometimes you want to watch something that everyone and their dog hasn't already opined about a thousand different times. Or maybe you want to be the person who brings underrated anime to your friends. 

If you want more obscure anime in your life so you can be the most niche hipster in your hood, there are plenty of little-known titles from which to choose. Do you want to learn about a real historical figure from the Japanese art world? Watch Miss Hokusai. Do you want to watch a slice-of-life anime about a girl who thinks she's an alien? Check out Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl. Whatever your tastes, there's a great obscure anime out there for you.


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    Hozuki's Coolheadedness

    Hozuki's Coolheadedness
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    Though it has a small and dedicated fan base, Hozuki's Coolheadedness is surprisingly snoozed on by most casual otaku. This high-quality anime answers the question "What would Hell be like if it were run like a bureaucracy?" with hilarious results. 

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    Barakamon is a popular series about Seishuu Handa, a tightly wound calligrapher who learns to take himself less seriously through life in the country. Handa-kun is the far less well-known prequel, which is a slice-of-life series about Handa during his school days.

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    Nyan Koi!
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    After accidentally breaking a cat statue, Junpei Kousaka is cursed to turn into a cat unless he can do 100 good deeds for the species. This is easier said than done, however - Junpei is allergic to cats, and can hardly even get near them, let alone help them out. 

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    The Daughter Of Twenty Faces

    Chizuko Mikamo is in trouble: she's a wealthy heiress, her aunt and uncle are trying to kill her. When a thief breaks in to rob the family, Chizuko leaves with him, and becomes a master thief herself. 

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    Yuki Sanada is a socially anxious teenager who has trouble making friends until he moves to the small island of Enoshima. There, he meets a bizarre young man named Haru who claims to be an alien, as well as a fisherman named Natsuki Usami. Despite his own resistance, he finds himself making friends. 

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    The "Boy Detectives Club" will solve any mystery that comes their way - but when they encounter the enigmatic Yoshio Kobayashi, their sleuthing skills are stretched to their limit. Kobayashi is functionally immortal, and wants nothing more than to die. Can the Boy Detectives Club help him?

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