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15 Awesome Obscure Marvel Characters You Are About To Love On The Big Screen

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe just keeps getting better. What started with Iron Man in 2008 quickly and exponentially blossomed into a full-fledged mega-franchise, full of Avengers, Guardians, Agents, and even Defenders. A core group of original Avengers were soon expanded beyond fans’ wildest dreams. From sentient androids to atom-sized vigilantes, the world of Marvel now includes some characters that most fans thought would never grace the silver screen. Of course, as of Captain America: Civil War, Marvel scored its biggest coup of all: regaining their most popular asset, Spider-Man, from their rivals at Sony. It truly is a Golden Age for seeing your favorite comic book heroes in theaters.

Best of all, things aren’t slowing down anytime soon! Marvel is still cranking out an average of three films per year, and that means more characters for fans to get hyped over. With the MCU now firmly established and already starting to branch off into all-new territory, expect the character choices to be increasingly more obscure, bizarre, and, most of all, comic booky.

  • Ego the Living Planet is exactly what you think he is. There's no false advertising here. He is literally a gigantic, sentient planet, complete with a hemisphere-spanning face and a goatee roughly the size of a continent. Ego is a supremely-powerful being who routinely interacts with the cosmic elements of the Marvel universe. His cinematic version will reportedly include a humanoid avatar of Ego, which will make his appearance less of a shock for viewers. Perhaps most surprisingly, this outlandish character is reportedly a candidate to be Star Lord’s father. 

    Ego the Living Planet will be portrayed by Kurt Russell in 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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  • The Hellfire Club is a well-known group of X-Men antagonists. They use the influence of their incredibly swanky culture club to fund and facilitate their evil schemes. The Club’s most notable actions came in the midst of the Dark Phoenix saga, where they helped push Jean Grey over the edge into insanity.

    Unlike his fellow Hellfire members, Donald Pierce is not a mutant, but rather a cyborg who has augmented his body with advanced technology. This usually made him the weakest of the Club’s Inner Circle, which eventually caused him to branch off and form his own criminal enterprise.

    Donald Pierce will be portrayed by Boyd Holbrook in 2017’s Logan.

  • The Reavers

    Founded by Donald Pierce, the Reavers are a group of viciously anti-mutant cyborgs who mostly seek to kill as many X-Men as possible. While the Reavers are technically a group of obscure characters, they are way too absurd not to include here. The Reavers are often mechanically augmented to a ridiculous degree. One notable member has a tank-tread instead of legs, and others have cannons for arms. Despite their ostensibly silly appearance, the Reavers are no joke, and have no qualms about killing innocent mutants in the name of their twisted cause.

    The Reavers will be portrayed by various actors in 2017’s Logan.

  • Domino, a mutant blessed with the deeply unfortunate real name Neena Thurman, is a mercenary with somewhat ill-defined luck-based powers. Basically, she forces luck to be in her favor and against her enemies. She also just straight up knows how to kick butt and kill fools, which makes for a lethal combination. Domino is mostly associated with the mutant messiah, Cable, and will be accompanying him into the Deadpool sequel. Domino has a fairly contentious relationship with Deadpool, so get ready for some witty banter and awesome fist fights. 

    Domino remains uncast, but she will appear in 2018’s Deadpool sequel.

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