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Totally Obscure Movie Character Cameos In Cartoons

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The fear of copyright infringement (or perhaps lawyers in general) keeps movie character cameos in cartoons intricately stealthy. However, it doesn't stop most adults who still enjoy kid's shows from reveling in any and all of these cartoon easter eggs when they're discovered, especially those alluding to their favorite films. Thank goodness for parody law.

Movie homages in cartoons are slightly easier and cheaper to get away with than straightforward guest appearances, but they still need to be sly as Stallone to pull off without risking legal ramifications. It's important to remember that while most animated series are technically geared towards children on paper, it's grown-ups with a wealth of knowledge in television and film who are putting them together from start to finish. This is why they are loaded with blink-and-you-miss-them vignettes which often go right over children's heads so as not to arouse suspicion. Weird cameos in cartoons aren't in short supply if you know where to look. Or better yet, which creators have the sickest senses of humor.