Hard Evidence That The World's Obsession With Avocados Has Gone Way Too Far

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Do you love avocados? Do you eat avocado everything every single day? Then you're going to be right at home with this list of weird avocado creations. The rest of us with a passing appreciation and a medium-level of fondness for avocados might just feel like we missed something. When did the world become so obsessed with avocados? When did avocados level up from being a beloved salad ingredient and healthy superfood to their own food group? Avocado toast, we've seen. But does everyone know about avocado pie, avocado donuts, and avocado cupcakes? There are avocado marriage proposals and avocado costumes. And what does avocado coffee even taste like? How is that a thing? Did you know that some people are taking entire avocados, mashing them around burger ingredients, and calling them buns? It's all gotten out of hand.

We'd like to submit all of these photos as hard evidence that the world's obsession with avocados has gone just a bit too far. Like, enough. It's too much avocado. Scroll through and check out the weird and wacky ways you can eat avocados, and vote up the ones that are absolute proof that avocado obsession is real.