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9 Mind Blowing, But Still Probable, Conspiracy Theories Involving Earth’s Oceans 

Cynthia Griffith
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When strange things happen at sea, they become the tales of sailors and seafarers. Rumors give way to fantasy and facts become marvelous fiction, leading to the birth of conspiracy theories about the powerful ocean. Because conspiracy theories of the sea variety are rooted in truth in the end, wild, nautical accounts are sometimes backed by science. Oceanic mysteries like sea creatures, government plots, lost cities, and even alien sightings have surfaced with massive amounts of evidence. 

The ocean is a vast realm with many unexplored regions. From tropical waters to super creepy places in the ocean, there is much left to discover. So, before you dip your toe into the salty sea of the unknown, you might want to dive into these crazy ocean conspiracy theories. Read on to learn about the most intriguing nautical theories that are so crazy, they may even be true. 

Atlantis Actually Happened, Or Didn’t Happen, Or Happened Someplace Else, Like Maybe Antarctica
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Photo: Athanasius Kircher/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Famed classical Greek philosopher Plato penned a story so famous that it kept conspiracy theorists guessing for thousands of years. In his works Timaeus and Critias, Plato masterfully described a fictional island that sunk as a result of war mongering and greed. The island was called Atlantis and nobody knows whether or not it was real. Each mind-boggling theory has various points of merit, making it incredibly difficult to decipher fact from fiction.

Some claim that Atlantis was entirely fabricated, citing the lack of physical remains and further documentation of the island outside of Plato’s writings. Others believe it to be a wild retelling of the demise of the legendary Minoan Civilization, a powerful island dwelling group of Europeans who introduced written language and awe-inspiring architecture. The Minoans basically disappeared without a trace, likely because their island was a giant volcano that erupted from underneath of them.

Then there are those who stake the claim that Atlantis did exist, but it never disappeared. They believe Atlantis is, in fact, Antarctica. Those who believe that Atlantis and Antarctica are one in the same are also believers in the shifting crust theory, a hypothesis that Antarctica was once a mild, northern continent that was swiftly displaced when the Earth’s crust shifted some 12,000 years ago. The wildest conspiracy theory is the one that suggests that Atlantis was sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, as remains of what resembles city streets and architecture have been discovered off the coast of Bimini. 

The Titanic Was A Big Illuminati Setup Or A Giant Insurance Scam
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Photo: Willy Stöwer/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Some believe that the Titanic never actually sunk, or may have been sunk to make way for the Federal Reserve. The first riveting theory that set this rumor to sail involved the Freemasons, whom most know as the Illuminati (this group goes by several interchangeable names).

Supporters of the theory suspect that the ship was intentionally sunk in order to murder Federal Reserve opposers Isa Strauss, Jacob Astor, and Benjamin Guggenheim in cold blood. They suspect that corporate big wigs in favor of the Federal Reserve followed an elaborate scheme laid out in a novel called Wreck Of The Titan. This novel, which was written over a decade before the Titanic sunk, spookily predicts the sinking of the largest ship in the world and draws amazing parallels to the real life Titanic. Since The Federal Reserve basically controls all of America’s finances, and it was co-founded by J.P. Morgan, owner of the Titanic, it’s easy to see why this premise holds water. 

Others believe the sinking of the Titanic the grandest insurance scam in history. Many are unaware of the fact that the vessel had an accident prone sister ship called The Olympian. The Olympian was a miserable money pit that got into two horrifying accidents within its first year at sea. Supporters of this theory claim that the Olympic went to sea disguised as the Titanic, as photos of the alleged Titanic depict a ship with 16 port holes when the Titanic only had 14. Further evidence lies in the fact that several prominent passengers abandoned their seats and tickets on the Titanic at the last minute, such as billionaire J.P. Morgan and his close companions. 

Aliens Built Colossal Crystal Pyramids On The Ocean Floor To Create The Bermuda Triangle
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One of the ocean's most intriguing aspects is undoubtedly the Bermuda Triangle. But was it really built by aliens who used crystals with magical properties to trap humans in their wake? According to a newly surfaced rumor, absolutely. As the story goes, a doctor discovered a crystal pyramid in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle that is triple the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Admittedly, this all sounds a bit bizarre, but in truth, science has no real way of explaining the 25+ incidents of multiple disappearances that are attributed to the Bermuda Triangle.

The Whole Pacific Is Brimming With Radiation From Fukushima
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Photo: National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) US Department of Energy/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Irradiated animals are still roaming the earth several decades after Chernobyl, and many of them have mutated and are highly radioactive. Of course, this didn’t stop people from going on ahead and offsetting yet another nuclear disaster that's rumored to still be leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific every day, contaminating everything in its path. The event is known as the Fukushima disaster and nobody is denying the fact that it happened. What’s eerie about this conspiracy theory is that it’s got a high probability of being true.

The theory alleges that the entire Pacific Ocean is contaminated with levels of radiation being at a shocking 300% increase. Of course, supporters claim this information is being covered up in order to avoid global panic, but here’s the kicker: mutated marine life is washing up all over the place and nobody seems to know why. You've got two headed sharks to legless starfish to radioactive tuna fish emerging from the water.