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What Octopus Eggs Look Like When They're Hatching Is Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

How do octopuses reproduce? If you think about it, you'll realize that it's actually kind of strange. They aren't mammals, so they don't give birth like whales. You may be surprised to know that octopuses actually lay eggs. What does it look like when an octopus gives birth? Find out here! Discover just how weird looking octopus eggs are, and how fascinating it is to watch them hatch. 

Octopus eggs hatching is a beautifully bizarre process that almost looks otherworldly. Perhaps that's because octopus reproduction takes place in some of the most mysterious habitats on earth. Octopus facts reveal that male octopuses use a special arm for reproduction. They insert this arm into a female's oviduct, and in some species, the male loses the arm, which the female keeps until she lays eggs. 

The process of laying eggs, caring for them, and their eventual hatching is one of the most labor and time intensive feats in the animal world. These brilliant and devoted cephalopod mothers and their young deserve some credit for their hard work. Check out details about octopus reproduction below to see some awesome and ethereal images of the mysteries of the ocean.