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21 Fun Facts You Should Know About Octopuses

Octopuses are extremely complicated, mysterious, talented creatures with a long list of hidden talents! These spineless but colorful sea-dwelling beasts have been around for ages keeping life in the ocean interesting. Check out this list of the most fun octopus facts and quickly see why these creatures reign supreme on the ocean floor.

This list of random octopus facts will make you fear and admire the animals down below... if you ever see one. They are masters of defense with the ability to camouflage their entire bodies in mere seconds. In addition, they are extremely agile due to their lack of a skeleton, and they can even grow back arms they've lost! And let's not forget the way octopuses use ink to deter predators. That unique defense mechanism has fascinated humans for centuries! These interesting octopus facts are only the beginning on this list, full of fun information about octopuses.

Take a look at all the facts below and vote up the coolest and most interesting octopus tidbits. And watch out for those arms - they are more than just suction cups!