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Why Did Octopuses Beach Themselves In Mass, Alarming Numbers?

Updated 4 Aug 202010 items

Octopuses are some of the most fascinating and intelligent creatures on Earth. With their alien looks and inquisitive nature they've inspired all kinds of mystical stories, legends, art, and scientific query. But lately, some octopus-lovers have been worried about an unusual phenomenon involving these cephalopods that seems straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Although many species of octopus can survive for limited times on land, octopuses beaching themselves is not common. But a massive octopus beaching in Wales has got scientists scratching their heads, and some people believe that there must be something terrible wrong. No one knows exactly why this is happening, but experts have put forward a number of hypothesis to explain this strange situation. This isn't the only case of animals mysteriously dying en masse, but it is the latest to bring concern to environmentalists everywhere.

The great octopus beaching remains an enigma, but scientists are hoping that it is a contained incident. For now, the focus should be to find out why these octopuses are doing this and figure out a way to prevent further beachings.

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