22 Chill-Inducing Photos That Are Straight Out Of Nightmares

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Some horrors only exist in nightmares, which is what makes these real-world creepy images all the more terrifying. These photos from r/oddlyterrifying are what nightmares are made of. Vote up the creepiest photos!

  • 1. A Secret Webcam

    A Secret Webcam
    Photo: LittleDuffy / Reddit
    5,937 votes
  • 2. Strange Things Are Happening

    Strange Things Are Happening
    Photo: native_meraki / Reddit
    4,757 votes
  • 3. Found Under The Floor Boards

    Found Under The Floor Boards
    Photo: claraclara000 / Reddit
    4,181 votes
  • 4. A Cursed Playground

    A Cursed Playground
    Photo: bocahtuanakal999 / Reddit
    3,579 votes
  • 5. Going For A Swim

    Going For A Swim
    Photo: Geschinta / Reddit
    4,168 votes
  • 6. Bathroom's At The End Of The Hall

    Bathroom's At The End Of The Hall
    Photo: mastodonte88 / Reddit
    3,667 votes