22 Bone-Chilling Photos That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

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The world isn't always a creepy place, but here are a few glimpses into the times that it is. These photos from r/oddlyterrifying are some of the best unsettling moments ever caught on camera. Remember to vote up the creepiest photos.

  • 1. Please Avoid Eye Contact

    Please Avoid Eye Contact
    Photo: Mr_Xolotl / Reddit
    1,948 votes
  • 2. Somewhere In A Graveyard

    Somewhere In A Graveyard
    Photo: B-L-O-C-K-S / Reddit
    2,239 votes
  • 3. Never Stays Closed

    Never Stays Closed
    Photo: Different_Art_3200 / Reddit
    2,269 votes
  • 4. Someone Is Listening

    Someone Is Listening
    Photo: Ddawn111 / Reddit
    1,988 votes
  • 5. Written On The Wall

    Written On The Wall
    Photo: n515o / Reddit
    2,133 votes
  • 6. Proceed With Caution 

    Proceed With Caution 
    Photo: Crackracket / Reddit
    1,792 votes