24 Terrifying Photos That Remind Us How Scary Nature Can Be

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The beauty of nature makes it easy to forget that the outdoors can strike fear into even the bravest explorer. Luckily, these posts from r/oddlyterrifying are the perfect reminders of just how scary nature can truly be. Vote up the most oddly terrifying nature photos.

  • 1. Waiting Under The Door Handle

    Waiting Under The Door Handle
    Photo: Electronic_Ad_8535 / Reddit
    2,223 votes
  • 2. Exploring A Cave

    Exploring A Cave
    Photo: Interesting_Force_65 / Reddit
    1,880 votes
  • 3. Just Along The Shore Line

    Just Along The Shore Line
    Photo: Alpha-Charlie-17 / Reddit
    1,765 votes
  • 4. Into The Abyss

    Into The Abyss
    Photo: Boojibs / Reddit
    1,609 votes
  • 5. A Nighttime Visitor

    A Nighttime Visitor
    Photo: abcdef_godthaab / Reddit
    1,588 votes
  • 6. Found A Well-Fed Tick

    Found A Well-Fed Tick
    Photo: duncan_johnson / Reddit
    1,480 votes