cars Epic Off-Road Racing Crash Caught On Camera  

Mick Jacobs

The thrill of off-road racing gets even more harrowing in this footage of a vehicle careening down a steep hill. Not only do you view it from the vantage point of onlookers, you also see it from the driver's point-of-view.

The crash happened at the Formula Off Road series in Tennessee in October. Miraculously enough, no one was injured and the driver walked away to drive another day.

The driver, Ingo, keeps an unstable but steady pace up the side of the hill, swerving back-and-forth across the hillside while observers look on. He nearly makes it to the top of the hill, only to go crashing back down.

Watch this video to see what not only observers saw but also what Ingo saw. It'll make you thankful that off-roading isn't a part of your morning commute.