Offensive Halloween Costumes That May Have Crossed The Line

There's no better way to stop a Halloween party in its tracks than to wear a truly offensive Halloween costume. These inappropriate costume ideas might seem absolutely hilarious to the wearer, but it probably isn't. These offensive Halloween costumes are probably funny for about 0.3 seconds before everyone in the room realizes how truly WTF they are.

Here are also terrifying vintage Halloween costumes and cute yet inappropriate Halloween costumers for kids. This Halloween, try to steer clear from any sexual Halloween costumes, disturbing Halloween costumes, or culturally insensitive costumes. Whether it's a topical costume about something tragic that happened in the news, or an offensive take on race, gender, or other lame stereotypes, these offensive Halloween costumes are sure to be worn by idiots all around the world this Halloween.  

What's the most offensive Halloween costume? A zombie version of a recently deceased celebrity might be the worst thing you can dress up as. Whether you want to go dressed as Zombie Whitney Houston, or Zombie Robin Williams, it's still pretty tasteless. 

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