9 Offensive School Traditions That Somehow Lasted Until Now

Offensive school mascots somehow seem to get swept under the rug until the Internet gets hold of them, but there are still plenty of racist school traditions still prospering across the U.S. and around the world. The problem with high school is that the kids' brains don't work yet. It's true, there’s science that says so. Also, how else would you explain the following:

A school with a confederate flag proudly displayed as part of its tradition; a school whose sports teams wear the moniker "Orientals;" even "Dress Like a Mexican Day" lumped in as a spirit week activity. There's an argument to be made that as long as any culture or tradition is fair game as a subject of mockery, it's fair game. Then there's another line of reasoning that says: that sh*t's racist. 

What are the most racist high school traditions? There are plenty of offensive mascots in schools around the world and they, along with some insane school traditions, are highlighted on this list of offensive school traditions.