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13 of the Worst News Fails

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Everyone makes mistakes, especially the news. When you do live TV five days a week, every day of the year, you’re going to mess up every once in a while. Although, it seems like when newscasters make a mistake they do it bigger and better than anyone else. Maybe it’s that classic newscaster “go big or go home” lifestyle they lead, or maybe they’re just under obscene amounts of pressure. Whatever the reason, news fails are hilarious, and the reporter fails on this list are some of the funniest, most cringeworthy, and oh no they didn’t moments to ever grace a television.

From reporters accidentally cursing on the air, to saying the wrong name on the news, and drawing giant penises during their weather reports, funny news fails are some of the best ways to put your life into perspective. For instance, if you’ve done something embarrassing, just go watch one of the biggest news fails ever that appears on this list and you’ll feel about 100 percent better. Maybe you can use this list as a catalyst for finally watching the nightly news. You never know when a reporter is going to have a fail moment or a graphics person is going to misspell the word “too.”

Laugh your way through this list of the most offensive news anchor fails and then vote up the most OOPS! moments in the news. Then hop in the comments and tell us about the time that your local newscaster accidentally said that they were a “pwitty wittle baby” on air without knowing their mic was live.
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    KTVU Reports Racist Names After Asiana Flight Crash

    Video: YouTube
    After the crash of Asiana Flight 214, news affiliate KTVU jumped at a chance to report the names of the pilots - too bad they were poorly written racist jokes. That's why you don't let your interns do your fact checking.
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    Local News Person Confuses Blindness for Gayness

    Video: YouTube
    Blind... gay... same thing, right?
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    Weather Penis Strikes Again

    Video: YouTube
    Someone better tell the Concho Valley to stock up on protection. Because of all the rain.
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    So That Was Definitely Some Guy's Junk

    Video: YouTube
    According to KOMO, the Twitter feed that showed that tumescent member belonged to a producer in the control room and not one of the anchors. Who is this guy following?
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