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Total Nerd Bobaflex's Shaun McCoy Ranks Offensive Preacher Characters  

Shaun McCoy
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I love Preacher just as much as some love the good book, but it's not for everyone. Jesse Custer's villains are a smorgasbord of sadistic racists, deranged perverts, cannibals, rapists, demons, gods, and brutal killers.

It is an insane journey, part Western, part supernatural thriller packed with enough black humor to lighten all the sodomy. Sound fun? I suggest you pick up the first graphic novel, Preacher: Gone to Texas, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

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The almighty is portrayed as a narcissistic d*ck who demands worship from mankind and those who don't are punished ten fold by burning in hell forever. Forever. Yeah, God isn't one for democracy, it's his way or the hell way. Sounds fairly accurate to the way he's portrayed in the Bible as far as I'm concerned. Why is he an offensive character? Well, I love every player in Preacher, so I'm looking at what characters would piss off the general public. God is also a bit of a p***y in this story as well, which deviates from the Bible version.

A new life form emerges when an angel and demon f*ck for the first time, and the offspring ends up being the most powerful entity in the universe. God is freaked out by this "Genesis" and leaves Heaven, literally hiding in fear of it. He tries to manipulate Jesse and the Saint of Killers to save his own ass but to no avail. His own Heavenly hit man, The Saint of Killers (who is an invulnerable dead cowboy with unstoppable bullets) puts a bullet in his head. This character and God were the inspiration to our blasphemous hit, "Bury Me with My Guns On" (yes, I just self plugged my band).

Christian groups were mega pissed about this and picketed comic stores in the '90s. That's right. Picketing and protesting in front of comic stores. These Christians basically said, "F*ck world hunger and war, we gotta stop this comic book!" see more on God


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Okay, anyone who reads Preacher will laugh at and love this kid, but it also shows Garth Ennis's mean-as-f*ck sense of humor. Arseface has a disfigured face because he tried to blow his head off with a shotgun. He did this because his father, a racist redneck Sheriff had abused him most of his life. He also idolizes Kurt Cobain and glorifies his suicide. Arseface lives through the attempt, but his words are forever indecipherable and his mouth looks like, er... pretty much like an a**hole. It's not offensive to most people, unless you've had a family member or friend that has committed suicide or is disfigured, or you yourself are facially disfigured. You may be offended as a Nirvana fan, because you can't help but feel like Garth thinks Kurt Cobain himself was stupid or hero worship of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana fans as a whole are stupid.

However, this is why I enjoy his work so much. Preacher is an Irishman's  love letter to his favorite and romanticized parts of America, (Westerns, heroic country boys, etc) but Arseface symbolizes the parts he finds ridiculous like senseless teen suicide and grunge rock, while his father represents the violent and racist southern history.

Odin Quincannon

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Odin is a Boss Hog type villain, a rich businessman who is also a Ku Klux Klan member and uses Klansmen as his henchmen. He runs a town called Salvation and his ominous meat packing plant is at the center. Odin is offensive to southerners because he's another cliche redneck villain. On one hand, the KKK still exists, a shadow of its former self, but Ennis perceives it as though it's still a dominant and powerful organization with every other cracker below the Mason Dixon line as an honorary member.

Of course Odin, like many of Preacher's villains, is a deranged pervert. He has a private room at the meat plant protected by a steel door. Eventually Jesse Custer finds Odin in the secretive room and finds out what he's been hiding. A giant mannequin of a woman made of various meats. Of course Odin has intercourse with this monstrosity, which is a new sexual orientation, I think. One who is aroused by raw meat... shaped like a woman. Google it.

Bob Glover

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The issue Bob and his partner Freddy are introduced is called "Comes a Pale Rider," which is a sickening parody of the Clint Eastwood masterpiece. Bob is a sexual investigator (which is not a real thing) and a homosexual with a a state trooper tuft haircut who hates performing oral sex. He sodomizes seemingly anyone who crosses his path, including a main villain (Herr Starr).

Is this character realistic? I don't know, but I'm thinking not. Who cares? He defiles people, and the comic shows what it can so very little is left to the imagination. This is definitely not a character your mom would enjoy.