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These People May Not Know Exactly What Their Shirt Says

First and foremost, we feel the need to warn you upfront that what you're about to see is not suggested for the easily offended. If you regularly recoil at the thought of seeing R-rated movies, then what's about to unfold may not be the ideal entertainment experience for you.  If however, you find the sight of foreign people wearing offensive English t-shirts just as hilarious as your friend's Japanese "courage" tattoo turning out to read "d*ckhead," then you've come to the right place.

Here we’ve collected a group of unsuspecting non-English speakers, ranging from small children to old ladies. The one thing they all have in common? None of them seem to have any idea that they're wearing swear words or other offensive messages on their shirts. These funny English shirts range from the wildly offensive to the randomly translated kind of like these texts gone wrong and funny autocorrect texts. Among them, you'll find broadcasts of everything from insanely racist and/or sexist comments to sentences that don’t even make an effort to make sense.

So the next time you’re feeling inspired to pimp that cool looking Chinese character shirt, take a peek through these funny English language shirts to assess the risk that may be unknowingly involved. The unfortunate instances you'll see chronicled here make for an X-rated cautionary tale on just how wrong wearing a foriegn language on your clothing can go. These t-shirt fails are almost as bad as having the worst makeup ever.

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    Okay, This One's Kind of Nailing It. Proceed, Dear Woman, Proceed.

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    Before the Censor Committee Got a Hold of the Guys at Nike...

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    Well, at Least She Owns It

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    You Gotta Wonder If the Guy Posing with Him Finally Told Him the Horrible Truth

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