law enforcement Officers Caught On Camera Repeatedly Tasing Teen They Strapped Down In A Chair  

Rebecca High

A young man in Tennessee has filed an excessive force lawsuit against police after claiming they burned him with tasers more than 40 times in a 2016 incident that was caught on video. 

Jordan Elias Norris was just 18 years old when he was arrested on drug and weapons charges. Officers report that he was violent and refused to cooperate with them.

This video shows Elias bound and gagged in a chair with a number of officers attempting to restrain him using force and tasers. The audio is chilling: one officer can be heard claiming he "won't stop" until he "runs out of batteries."

Three of the officers have been put on leave and according to New York Post, the county sheriff has submitted a request to the district attorney for an investigation into the case. With shocking video evidence like this at hand, it will be interesting to see how the case plays out.