remakes Check Out The Genderswapped "Overboard" Trailer Starring Anna Faris  

Mick Jacobs

After making money, remakes are Hollywood's favorite thing. The trailer for another remake, Overboard, adds another little twist: gender-swapping the main characters.

Similar to the remakes of both Ghostbusters and Ocean's 8, the Overboard remake gives viewers the same story, but this time it's told through a woman's perspective. Honestly, the perspective this time makes a little more sense, as everyone who watches the news knows that rich, powerful men are the problem.

The story follows Anna Faris's character, a working-class mother, who finds herself cleaning up for a yacht owner, played by Eugenio Diaz. She endures endless rude remarks and antics from the spoiled yacht owner, until he falls from his boat and comes to in a hospital unable to remember who he is.

Like Kurt Russell before her, Faris's character sees her chance and decides to take as her "husband" to get him to pay off the debt he owes her. Watch the trailer and see if you think this remake will sail off into the sunset or critically capsize.