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The Victims Of The Hi-Fi Murders Suffered Brutal, Heart-Wrenching Torture

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There have been many hostage situations that end in murder, and what happened at the Hi-Fi shop in Ogden, Utah, was one of the most gruesome hostage situations in the US. On the evening of April 22, 1974, six men robbed the electronics store and held the clerks, an unlucky teenager, and two worried parents hostage. The hostages were forced to drink Drano and were savagely tortured. Some were killed, while others suffered lifelong injuries and trauma from the attack.

While many hostage situations end with the perpetrator committing suicide or getting shot by police, the Hi-Fi murderers made it out alive. In fact, three of the men were never captured for their part in the robbery. These Ogden Hi-Fi murder facts are incredibly appalling and graphic, so read about these brutal murders in Utah with caution. 

  • The Killers Got The Idea To Use Drano From The Film 'Magnum Force'

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    The day after the murder-robbery, police received a tip from an airman stationed at the same Air Force base as Andrews and Pierre. The man informed the police he witnessed the two men watch the movie Magnum Force the night before. He also heard whispers from the two about a future robbery. 

    In the film Magnum Force, a woman is forced to drink Drano, causing her immediate death. Andrews and Pierre watched the scene and felt it would be a quick and easy way to murder their future hostages. After the tip, police promptly went to the Air Force base and arrested Andrews and Pierre. Keith Roberts, another airman, was later arrested after police learned he was in one of the getaway vans. Investigators were never able to obtain enough evidence to convict the three other unidentified men involved in the crime.

  • Dale Selby Pierre Was Executed By Lethal Injection In 1987

    Pierre, the man responsible for shooting the hostages, was given three death sentences for his crimes - one for each of the murder victims. While incarcerated, Pierre managed to change his name a total of 27 times, hoping to take some heat and embarrassment off of his family name.

    Pierre said he found God while in prison, and he spent his last days before execution reading his bible, praying, and fasting. Before being put to death, Pierre requested the $29 in his prison commissary account go to his partner-in-crime, William Andrews, who was also on death row. Pierre was executed by lethal injection on August 28, 1987. He was 34 years old.

  • William Andrews Was Executed in 1992

    William Andrews received a death sentence for his role in the murder-robbery. After a lengthy appeals process, Andrews was scheduled for execution on July 30, 1992. Many civil rights advocates, as well as the NAACP, took issue with Andrews's sentence. The advocates believed it was unfair for Andrews to receive a sentence of death while white criminals involved in similar cases received lesser sentences.

    Stephen Hawkins, a lawyer for the NAACP who worked on Andrews's case, stated, "I've never seen such a raw case of racism." In the end, Andrews was executed on schedule by lethal injection. 

  • Pierre Was A Suspect In An Additional Murder

    Pierre, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, moved to the United States at the age of 18. He was known to get in trouble with the law throughout his life. He was reputed to have a bad temper and was unable to take it well if he didn't get his way. When he first joined the Air Force, he was a suspect in the murder of Sergeant Edward Jefferson, a man found murdered in his apartment. Although there wasn't enough evidence against Pierre to convict him of the crime, detective Don Moore was sure he was the man responsible for Jefferson's murder.