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The Victims Of The Hi-Fi Murders Suffered Brutal, Heart-Wrenching Torture

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There have been many hostage situations that end in murder, and what happened at the Hi-Fi shop in Ogden, Utah, was one of the most gruesome hostage situations in the US. On the evening of April 22, 1974, six men robbed the electronics store and held the clerks, an unlucky teenager, and two worried parents hostage. The hostages were forced to drink Drano and were savagely tortured. Some were killed, while others suffered lifelong injuries and trauma from the attack.

While many hostage situations end with the perpetrator committing suicide or getting shot by police, the Hi-Fi murderers made it out alive. In fact, three of the men were never captured for their part in the robbery. These Ogden Hi-Fi murder facts are incredibly appalling and graphic, so read about these brutal murders in Utah with caution. 

  • The Perpetrators Forced Their Victims To Drink Drano And Subsequently Shot Them

    Employees Stanley Walker (20) and Michelle Ansley (19) were the two initial hostages. They were dragged to the shop's basement as the rest of the assailants robbed the store. Cortney Naisbitt (16) entered the store with the intention of thanking the clerks for letting him park in the lot as he ran errands. Instead, he was also taken hostage and thrown into the basement. 

    Walker's father, Orren Walker (43), went to the store to check on his son and was subsequently taken hostage as well. A little while later, Naisbitt's mother, Carol Naisbitt (52), also went to the store to check on her son, and she was bound, gagged, and placed with the other prisoners. 

    The victims were all told by the perpetrators to drink a substance they claimed to be vodka and sleeping pills, but as soon as four of the hostages drank the contents, their throats began to burn. Blisters formed in their throats and mouths, and skin around their mouths peeled off.

    The liquid they drank was Drano, an industrial drain cleaner. The victims screamed in pain, so the perpetrators attempted to tape their mouths shut; they were unable to, as the pus oozing from the blisters forming on the victims' mouths prevented the duct tape from sticking. One of the assailants, Dale Selby Pierre, shot Carol and Cortney Naisbitt in the heads, irritated they weren't dying faster. He then shot Orren and Stan Walker. The violence didn't end there. 

  • Michelle Ansley Was Sexually Assaulted And Then Shot In The Head

    After shooting the four other hostages, Pierre set his sights on the teen girl. Pierre forced her at gunpoint to another part of the basement and made her take off her clothes. The man then proceeded to rape the girl repeatedly. When finished, Ansley was thrown next to the other hostages and then shot in the head. Right before being shot, Ansley begged for her life. Her last words were, "I'm too young to die."

  • Orren Walker Survived The Attack By Pretending To Drink The Drano And Convulsing

    After shooting all of the hostages, Andrews and Pierre noticed Orren Walker was still breathing. What the assailants didn't know is Walker did not drink the Drano. When he saw the pain the other four victims were going through, he allowed the cleaner to pour out of his mouth. When the others began convulsing, Walker mimicked it and feigned death.  

    Upset he was still alive, Pierre tried choking the man to death by wrapping a wire around his throat, but he did not succeed. The men then placed a pen inside Walker's ear, and Pierre stomped on it. Believing Walker was now dead, the two carried on robbing the store and then left. Miraculously, Walker survived being mildly poisoned, shot in the head, choked, and tortured. Walker was able to testify in court against his assailants. Walker died in 2000, at the age of 69.

  • Cortney Naisbitt Also Survived But Suffered Massive Brain Damage

    Cortney Naisbitt also survived the attack but suffered from amnesia and extensive brain damage. He spent the rest of his life in pain from the shooting and died in 2002 at the age of 44. Carol Naisbitt survived the attack initially, but subsequently died in the hospital from injuries sustained. When Dr. Byron Naisbitt, the father of Cortney and husband of Carol, went to the morgue to identify his wife, he knew his world was shattered.

    “I went down in the morgue to identify her and I can still see her,” he told Good 4 Utah. “That's amazing I think and she was dead.”

    Dr. Naisbitt then found his son, who was in a coma. "I knew my life had changed right there," he said.