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The Ohio Grassman Legend Tells Of A Sociable, Bigfoot-Like Creature Lurking In The Buckeye State

Updated February 17, 2021 7 items

The legend of Bigfoot appears in various regions across America. These cryptids may vary in description, traits, and body odors, but they have all captured the collective curiosity of dedicated cryptologists and casual Bigfoot fans alike.

In the Buckeye State, locals whisper about a creature called the Ohio Grassman. The Buckeye Bigfoot is far from the only creepy thing from Ohio, but it is one of the most interesting. Its alleged sociability, stench, and varying accounts of whether or not the Grassman is vicious make this cryptid fascinating.

  • Legend Claims The Creature Is Tall, Reddish-Brown, And Often Has Red Eyes

    The Ohio Grassman is often physically described in the same manner as Bigfoot: It is large, standing between six and eight feet tall, and weighing anywhere between 500 and 800 pounds. The creature is covered in hair, typically described by alleged witnesses as dark, reddish-brown, or black.

    The Ohio Grassman is also known for its eyes, which many who claim to have seen the creature say are menacing and red. An 1869 article in the H​​​illsdale Standard describes the creature's eyes as "burning and maniac."

  • The Grassman Is Considered More ‘Sociable’ Than Bigfoot

    People who claim to have seen Bigfoot typically say they have seen the creature on its own. The Ohio Grassman, however, has been said to travel in packs of up to five creatures.

    Enthusiasts believe this means the Grassman is a much more social, pack-like creature than Bigfoot. Some accounts even describe seeing a mother Grassman with child-like Grassmen.

  • The Grassman Allegedly Cries Like A Baby But Screams Like A Woman

    While Bigfoot is known for its fear-inducing howls and roars, the Grassman is known for a different guttural cry.

    People who have allegedly seen the Ohio Grassman say that it cries like a baby and screams as if it were a woman. Given that some witnesses have claimed to have seen a mother Grassman with her children, this alleged cry could be coming from different ages and sexes of the cryptid. 

  • The Creature Got Its Name Because It Mostly Eats Tall Grasses

    The Ohio Grassman might have a description similar to Bigfoot, but the Ohio creature's diet differentiates it from the most famous cryptid.

    According to enthusiasts, the Grassman is partial to eating the tall grasses of its habitat. Some Ohioans have said they spotted the beast at the edges of farms, munching on things like wheat. Roughly 50% of Ohio is considered "prime farmland" by the US Department of Agriculture, which means there are plenty of places for this alleged beast to snack.